Refund Policy

Effective January 1, 2010

Important Note: Please be aware of your district’s policy of earning licensure renewal or graduate credit during the work day.  Some districts do not allow this.

AEA 267 would like all users to be aware of the refund policy for Professional Development Registration.

Prior to BEGINNING of offering (up to 11:59 pm the DAY PRIOR to the offering)

* Participants may log into their professional development account and cancel their registration.  If payment has been made to AEA 267, the charges will be refunded.

Starting the FIRST DAY OF AN OFFERING (12:00 am)

* Participants may go into their personal account and withdraw from the offering.

* Participants wishing to receive a refund must withdraw from the offering and deliver a Late Withdrawal Form to Professional Development within two weeks after the first day of the offering.  There will be $25.00 late withdraw charge; the amount refunded to the participant’s credit card will be reduced by $25.00 to cover this charge.