Key Survey Help Guides

If you are an instructor for AEA 267 and are AEA 267 staff, you are expected to send your participants an End of Course Evaluation through Key Survey at the conclusion of all AEA 267 sponsored professional learning courses that meet on multiple dates over an extended time period.  For those offerings that meet just one time, trainers may choose to only use the End of Session Evaluation. This has been in effect since August 2011.

If you need help in preparing this evaluation, there are help documents available. You can find these documents in your My267 account under the “Help Guides” tab.

Scroll down to Instructor Guides and you will find 5 Key Survey guides to help you:

  • Create your End of Course Evaluation
  • Create your Daily Session Evaluation
  • Copy an Existing Survey (if you have offered other sections of the same course)
  • Launch your Survey to your Participants
  • Develop a Report from your Survey

More information can be found at the AEA 267 Professional Learning website under Instructor Resources. These Help Guides are also listed in this portion of the website. If you need the Key Survey username and password, please call Professional Learning at 319-268-7662.

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Drake EDEX has been discontinued

We recently received a directive from Drake University that “Drake EDEX”, which AEA 267 has offered for the past several years, will no longer be available as of July 1, 2015.  This means we will not attach Drake EDEX credit to any courses in the My267 Professional Learning system after that date.  While we have removed the EDEX option from current courses, participants who chose EDEX prior to the removal will still be issued that credit. According to Drake University, the EDEX designation was causing too much confusion with students and the Department of Education.

EDEX has been used by teachers for licensure renewal and movement on the salary scale.  Drake EDMA will continue to be offered and teachers can use this credit designation for that purpose also.  The main difference between EDEX and EDMA is the additional 30 hours out-of-class work for EDMA.

The EDMA designation also signifies graduate education courses that can be transferred into Master’s Degrees as advisor approved electives for endorsement or degree programs. As of July 1, 2015 all AEA 267 courses bearing Drake credit will meet the Higher Learning Commission and Federal Government requirements for degree level courses and eligibility for Federal Financial Aid. EDMA courses include 15 instructor-led hours plus 30 hours of reading, writing, web-based and/or classroom application activities for each credit offered.

Important note to instructors: Many of you are already offering EDMA courses at this level.  If you are new to EDMA or if you would like a refresher, Drake has developed an EDMA Information web page that offers resources to use including how to re-configure an EDEX course into an EDMA course.  If you have additional questions after visiting Drake’s website, please contact Terry Thorpe at Drake (515-271-3976) or Amy Moine at AEA 267 (319-268-7658).

Thank you,

AEA 267 Professional Learning

Updated 7/9/15

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Weather Cancellations

Weather Cancellations

Please note! The agency will no longer use local news media for alerts and announcements.

1. Each hub office (Clear Lake, Marshalltown and Cedar Falls) will operate independently when deciding to close or not.
2. Each office has designated staff assigned to make the decision.
3. When an office is closed, all activities and events scheduled at the office are canceled.
4. No late starts for events, activities or professional learning opportunities.

Closings and cancellations will be announced through the following channels:

  1. The front page of the AEA 267 website. If there is a weather announcement, it will appear under the row of picture links in a pink field titled “Weather Alerts”.
  2. Cell phone text message or email from, an automated web-based service. Sign up for AEA 267 Professional Development for class cancellations. You can also sign up to receive alerts for as many areas or districts as are needed for your situation. (Note to AEA 267 employees: when registering for an account, select “Schools”, then in the box by “Enter Search Term” enter AEA 267.)
  3. The official agency announcements line at 1-866-923-1089. Events will be canceled office by office (Cedar Falls, Marshalltown and Clear Lake). Select the geographic area where your PD learning opportunity is located from the menu prompts.


  1. Weather FAQs (AEA 267 Procedures Related to Inclement Weather – Updated 11/26/2014)
  2. Every professional learning flyer or brochure published by the agency should include information about how participants can learn about cancellations.
  3. Agency procedures for announcing an office closing or an event, activity or professional learning cancellation. (updated 9/24/14)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF forms.

To view current road conditions across the state of Iowa, please visit the Iowa State Patrol’s Iowa Winter Road Conditions website.

Updated 7/9/15

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Official vs. Unofficial Transcripts

What is the difference between official and unofficial transcripts?

Unofficial Transcripts:

  • includes all credit types
  • are available to view and print at any time by logging in to My267 and clicking on “My Transcript”

Official Transcripts

  • will only reflect graduate, licensure renewal, substitute authorization, and paraeducator credit. Courses taken for “No Credit” will not be displayed on your official transcript
  • can be requested online by logging in to My267 and selecting “Request My Transcript” 

Which one you need?

Uses of an unofficial transcript:

  • I need to check my grades
  • I am renewing my license with the BOEE online. (You will only need an official transcript if you are audited.  You may request one at that time.)
  • I need to check the number of graduate and/or licensure renewal credits I have accrued.
  • Provide my AEA 267 Administrator verification of my participation in AEA 267 professional development days (applies to AEA 267 personnel only).

Uses of an official transcript:

  • I am using the transcript to submit to my district to move on a salary schedule.
  • I am renewing my license with the BOEE using a paper submission.
  • I am applying for a job.
  • I am applying for admission to a college.
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Room Reservation Reminder

Should you need to reserve rooms within the AEA 267 offices there are some steps you should follow:

  1. Please make sure you CHOOSE A ROOM SETUP to allow building staff to set up your room according to your needs.  (Some rooms do not require a setup. Examples are: kitchens, ICNs, tech labs.)  Look below by “Room Setup Requested”.  If it says “- Please Select a Room Setup -“, you will need to go back to your booking and choose a setup.  ( > Login to your account> Room Management> My Room Requests> Approved> Edit> Setup dropdown.)
  2. If you have unique or unusual equipment needs, please specify those needs in the ”Special Requests” section.  One week prior to your event, contact the technology department in that region to ensure there will be the necessary staff and equipment available to you.
  3. If you book a polycom, YOU MUST ALSO book a room.  See the Polycom Booking Guide for assistance.
  4. If you no longer need the room you have booked, please CANCEL that room reservation. This will allow others to reserve the room.
  5. MONITOR THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS attending your event!  Several days prior to the start of your event, log in to your account and ADJUST THE NUMBER of participants attending to the actual number attending.  Maintenance staff will set up your room accordingly.
  6. NOTE: Please do not check the box called “Make this request private”.  This hides the booking on building monitors and participants are unable to see if or where the offering or meeting is being held.  The checkbox is reserved for parent/child consultations, the mobile PC lab and kitchen reservations.  Your reservation may be denied with a request to remove the private option.

Thank you for making the room reservation process go as smoothly as possible.

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Forgot Username or Password?

Which Username and Password do you need?


I would like to access my AEA 267 professional learning account to request my transcript, register for a class, change my credit type, etc.

  • Go to My267, then click on “Forgot Password?” and enter your Username and click on Submit. You will receive an email (to the email address you used in your account) containing a link to reset your password.  If you need additional assistance, contact AEA 267 Professional Learning.

Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Trainings

I would like to access my mandatory & non-mandatory training account to take trainings required by my district such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Mandatory Reporter: Child and Dependent Adult Abuse, Medication Administration in Iowa Schools, Right to Know, etc.

AEA PD Online

I would like to access the statewide AEA PD Online website to manage my account or register for a totally online course.

  • Visit the AEA PD Online course catalog and click on “To view your class history and current enrollment, click here…” Enter your first and last name and your Login ID, then click “Forget your passcode?” and follow the prompts. If this is not successful, contact Heartland AEA 11 at 800-255-0405 and ask for Professional Development.

updated 7/9/15

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Save Your Seat!

We encourage My267 participants to register at least 2 weeks prior to the start of a course. This helps to ensure:

  • participants reserve their seat for the classroom
  • each participant is counted for planning purposes (necessary materials, handouts, refreshments, etc.)
  • the instructor has an accurate count when deciding to run a course with low enrollment

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

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Why Should I Visit the BoEE Website?

Answers to most of  your questions surrounding licensure renewal can be found on the Iowa BoEE (Board of Educational Examiners) website!  Such as:

  • I need to renew my standard teaching license.  How many credits do I need and can I get credit for mentoring a full-semester student teacher?  In the center of the BoEE home page, click on “Renew a teaching license” to view the application and requirements.
  • I have recently moved. How do I change my mailing address?  Change your mailing address by clicking on “Update My Information” on the left. under “How Do I?”  To access your account, you will need the last four digits of your SSN, folder number and date of birth.
  • Where do I verify a teaching license?  On the left under “How Do I?” choose “Search for a License”.
  • Where can I find licensure forms? In the light colored bar that runs across the upper portion of your screen, click on “Licensure Forms/Applications”, or click on the specific link in the center of your page.  Here you will find forms and applications including applying for new license, converting, renewing, extending a license, adding an endorsement and many other forms.
  • Does the website have FAQs section?  Yes!  Click on “Topics A-Z” in the light colored bar that runs across the upper portion of your screen and choose the first letter of your topic.  You can also click on “FAQs” on the left under “Additional Information” to download a Licensure Handbook to your screen.
  • I have a specific question I cannot find on the website.  Who can I contact?  Contact Greg Horstmann at the BoEE: 515-281-3587 or You can also visit the BoEE website and click on “Contact Us” for a listing of BoEE staff containing their phone numbers and email addresses.

Other things you can do at the BoEE website: order a background check, view BoEE announcements, view Iowa Teaching Standards, view Board decisions, download Ethics Brochure, or learn how you can become a teacher, administrator or coach.  Visit and take a tour!

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What is “Late Registration”?

My 267 participants are required to register for offerings prior to midnight on the first day of class. After this time, the course automatically goes offline and participants are no longer able to register online.  Late Registration is a process by which a person can register for an offering after the first day has passed if they meet the following criteria:

  • Attend the first day of the offering.
  • Deliver a completed Late Registration Form along with a $25.00 late registration fee in the form of a check to Professional Learning in Cedar Falls. Check should be made payable to AEA 267 and both form and check must be received within two weeks after the first day of the offering.

Please be aware that late registration may not always be an option.  Examples…the class may be full or the instructor must know in advance how many participants plan to attend for preparation purposes.  We strongly encourage participants to register as far in advance as possible to avoid last-minute registration difficulties and also to prevent the class from being cancelled due to low-enrollment.

updated 7/9/15

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Thinking About Changing Credit?

As many of our courses begin wrapping up for the year, we often get the question: “Is it too late to get credit?” We want to remind you that you can still receive credit up until the end date of your course if all course requirements have been met. Once a course has officially ended, retroactive credit cannot be given.

After the First Day of the Offering
• If a participant wants to change from No Credit to a fee-based credit (Graduate, Paraeducator, Substitute Authorization, and Licensure Renewal) they may do so at any time throughout the offering duration by logging into their professional development account (Click on My Course Details>Actions>Change Credit Type)

• If a participant wants to go from a fee-based credit (Graduate, Licensure Renewal, Substitute Authorization or Paraeducator Credit) to a non fee-based credit (No Credit), participant must deliver a completed refund request form within two weeks after the first day of the offering to Professional Development in Cedar Falls. Professional Development staff will then change the fee-based credit to No Credit. There will be $25.00 charge; the amount refunded to the participant’s credit card will be reduced by $25.00 to cover this charge.

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