IMPORTANT UPDATE NEEDED! Enter your BoEE Folder Number in your My267 account.

We have some exciting news, but we need your assistance.  The Iowa AEAs are in the final stages of developing a new statewide professional learning registration system.  This will have a common login for all AEA systems such as courses, workshops, statewide Moodle server, and local AEA reservation systems.

However, in order for those systems to work properly, each user needs to have their BoEE folder number entered in their My267 account and AEA Online Learning System account as soon as possible.  This means either an actual BoEE folder number, or a system-generated number for those of you that do not have a folder number (e.g. custodian, support staff, non-educators).  

Your BoEE Folder Number field in My267 and AEA Learning System accounts must match!

Click here for assistance in updating your BoEE folder number.

Thank you!




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