Key Survey Help Guides

If you are an instructor for AEA 267 and are AEA 267 staff, you are expected to send your participants an End of Course Evaluation through Key Survey at the conclusion of all AEA 267 sponsored professional learning courses that meet on multiple dates over an extended time period.  For those offerings that meet just one time, trainers may choose to only use the End of Session Evaluation. This has been in effect since August 2011.

If you need help in preparing this evaluation, there are help documents available. You can find these documents in your My267 account under the “Help Guides” tab.

Scroll down to Instructor Guides and you will find 5 Key Survey guides to help you:

  • Create your End of Course Evaluation
  • Create your Daily Session Evaluation
  • Copy an Existing Survey (if you have offered other sections of the same course)
  • Launch your Survey to your Participants
  • Develop a Report from your Survey

More information can be found at the AEA 267 Professional Learning website under Instructor Resources. These Help Guides are also listed in this portion of the website. If you need the Key Survey username and password, please call Professional Learning at 319-268-7662.

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