Drake EDEX has been discontinued

We recently received a directive from Drake University that “Drake EDEX”, which AEA 267 has offered for the past several years, will no longer be available as of July 1, 2015.  This means we will not attach Drake EDEX credit to any courses in the My267 Professional Learning system after that date.  While we have removed the EDEX option from current courses, participants who chose EDEX prior to the removal will still be issued that credit. According to Drake University, the EDEX designation was causing too much confusion with students and the Department of Education.

EDEX has been used by teachers for licensure renewal and movement on the salary scale.  Drake EDMA will continue to be offered and teachers can use this credit designation for that purpose also.  The main difference between EDEX and EDMA is the additional 30 hours out-of-class work for EDMA.

The EDMA designation also signifies graduate education courses that can be transferred into Master’s Degrees as advisor approved electives for endorsement or degree programs. As of July 1, 2015 all AEA 267 courses bearing Drake credit will meet the Higher Learning Commission and Federal Government requirements for degree level courses and eligibility for Federal Financial Aid. EDMA courses include 15 instructor-led hours plus 30 hours of reading, writing, web-based and/or classroom application activities for each credit offered.

Important note to instructors: Many of you are already offering EDMA courses at this level.  If you are new to EDMA or if you would like a refresher, Drake has developed an EDMA Information web page that offers resources to use including how to re-configure an EDEX course into an EDMA course.  If you have additional questions after visiting Drake’s website, please contact Terry Thorpe at Drake (515-271-3976) or Amy Moine at AEA 267 (319-268-7658).

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Updated 7/9/15

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