Why Should I Visit the BoEE Website?

Answers to most of  your questions surrounding licensure renewal can be found on the Iowa BoEE (Board of Educational Examiners) website!  Such as:

  • I need to renew my standard teaching license.  How many credits do I need and can I get credit for mentoring a full-semester student teacher?  In the center of the BoEE home page, click on “Renew a teaching license” to view the application and requirements.
  • I have recently moved. How do I change my mailing address?  Change your mailing address by clicking on “Update My Information” on the left. under “How Do I?”  To access your account, you will need the last four digits of your SSN, folder number and date of birth.
  • Where do I verify a teaching license?  On the left under “How Do I?” choose “Search for a License”.
  • Where can I find licensure forms? In the light colored bar that runs across the upper portion of your screen, click on “Licensure Forms/Applications”, or click on the specific link in the center of your page.  Here you will find forms and applications including applying for new license, converting, renewing, extending a license, adding an endorsement and many other forms.
  • Does the website have FAQs section?  Yes!  Click on “Topics A-Z” in the light colored bar that runs across the upper portion of your screen and choose the first letter of your topic.  You can also click on “FAQs” on the left under “Additional Information” to download a Licensure Handbook to your screen.
  • I have a specific question I cannot find on the website.  Who can I contact?  Contact Greg Horstmann at the BoEE: 515-281-3587 or greg.horstmann@iowa.gov. You can also visit the BoEE website and click on “Contact Us” for a listing of BoEE staff containing their phone numbers and email addresses.

Other things you can do at the BoEE website: order a background check, view BoEE announcements, view Iowa Teaching Standards, view Board decisions, download Ethics Brochure, or learn how you can become a teacher, administrator or coach.  Visit http://www.boee.iowa.gov and take a tour!

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