Thinking About Changing Credit?

As many of our courses begin wrapping up for the year, we often get the question: “Is it too late to get credit?” We want to remind you that you can still receive credit up until the end date of your course if all course requirements have been met. Once a course has officially ended, retroactive credit cannot be given.

After the First Day of the Offering
• If a participant wants to change from No Credit to a fee-based credit (Graduate, Paraeducator, Substitute Authorization, and Licensure Renewal) they may do so at any time throughout the offering duration by logging into their professional development account (Click on My Course Details>Actions>Change Credit Type)

• If a participant wants to go from a fee-based credit (Graduate, Licensure Renewal, Substitute Authorization or Paraeducator Credit) to a non fee-based credit (No Credit), participant must deliver a completed refund request form within two weeks after the first day of the offering to Professional Development in Cedar Falls. Professional Development staff will then change the fee-based credit to No Credit. There will be $25.00 charge; the amount refunded to the participant’s credit card will be reduced by $25.00 to cover this charge.

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