2011-2012 Instructor Pay Changes

Please note Professional Development instructor pay has been modified for the 2011-2012 school year. These changes take effect for classes that begin June 1, 2011 or later.

Contracted Instructor Fee Schedule:
Effective with offerings beginning June 1, 2011 or later.
1 Licensure Renewal Credit $600.00
1 Graduate Credit and 1 Licensure Renewal Credit $1,000.00
1 Graduate Credit and 2 Licensure Renewal Credits $1,000.00
2 Licensure Renewal Credits $1,000.00
3 Licensure Renewal Credits $1,500.00
2 Graduate Credits and 4 Licensure Renewal Credits $2,000.00
3 Graduate Credits and 6 Licensure Renewal Credits $3,000.00
(If Class is co-taught, fee paid will be divided between instructors)
(Please note: no mileage, meals, or hotel expenses will be reimbursed)
Stipend Information:
An additional stipend for classes with a graduate/licensure renewal credit enrollment over 20 students will be given.  **Stipends will be paid for the number of students over 20 who have registered for graduate/licensure renewal credit.  Example: if you are offering a 1 licensure renewal course and have 24 participants who have completed the course for licensure renewal or graduate credit, you will be paid $700.00 ($600.00 plus 4x$25). **$25.00
per participant over 20
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