Iowa AEA Online Resources

The official start date for the new 2011-2012 Iowa AEA Online resources is August 1, 2011. All of the new companies have agreed to provide trial access to Iowa teachers beginning April 1! This will allow school staff to explore the resources, review the tutorials and support documentation, and begin planning to integrate these resources into their 2011-2012 curriculum.  In addition, the AEAs have scheduled “Iowa Only” welcome webinars during the month of April for each new product. Most of the resources also have ongoing webinars (for all states) that teachers can attend.  Product information, trial access URLs, “Iowa Only” webinar registration information, ongoing webinars, tutorial information and more is now available on the Iowa AEA Online website.

Click HERE to go directly to the 2011-2012 Iowa AEA Online Resources.

AEA 267 instructors may find the Gale-Cengage resource an excellent site to use for their search for the research-based question during course proposal creation.

Note: Student access will not begin until August 1. Please do not share the trial sites with students.

Questions?  Need the username and password to log in?  Click HERE to find your AEA contact for more information!
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